01227 – Graph Theory

A website for the course notes written for 01227 Graph Theory at DTU


These notes are written for the course 01227 Graph Theory at the Technical University of Denmark, taught by Professor Carsten Thomassen. The notes are meant solely as a supplement to the course curriculum and can in no circumstances replace the weekly lectures or group exercises. The focus is on applications and the aim is to improve the problem solving skills of the students through numerous well-explained examples. Consequently proofs are only given exceptionally, but this does not diminish the importance of understanding the proofs. A major part of the course concerns proving theorems. In that connection the lectures provide an essential resource of insight and we urge each and every student to participate.

The authors of this document take no responsibility for the usage of its contents. It is likely that there are errors and that some of the material is wrong. If you have found an error, have a better solution for something or wish to contribute in some constructive way please send a message to 01227notes@gmail.com. Please note that the document is under construction and is updated only sporadically.

Solutions for selected weekly exercises are included in the appendices. It is important that you try hard to solve the exercises on your own. Use the solutions only as a last resort.

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